Christopher J. Hansen

Graduate Student
Quantitative Chemical Biology

Christopher Hansen received his Bachelor of Science in Pre-Health Chemistry and Bachelor of Art in French from Belmont University in 2019. While in undergraduate studies he worked with the College of Pharmacy in imaging models of protein-small-molecule interactions in an attempt to discern mode of action information for Selinexor, a first-in-class selective inhibitor of nuclear transport. Furthermore, he explored the kinetics of the degradation of a Copper(II) centered Schiff-Base complex with the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Here he hoped to characterize the chemical robustness of a molecule chemically similar to the ring system in many metalleoenzymes including chlorophyll. He joined the Herington Lab in October of 2019 as a Research Assistant I. His work focuses on developing novel drug delivery systems for tocolytics in an effort to reduce side effects and and placental passage, as well as increase efficacy.